Ex-husband sends former dog birthday greetings

By Fox 5    A Texas woman says the beloved dog she once shared with her ex-husband has helped bring the couple back together.

Rebecca Hernandez, 25, told FOX 5 she started dating her ex, Frankie, in 2007. They were high school sweethearts, and got married at a young age in 2012. One year later, when Rebecca says she was having “baby fever,” the couple got Apollo, a German shorthaired pointer mix, who was malnourished at the time.

Rebecca said there was never a dull moment while having Apollo and Frankie around.

“Apollo is a cheese-ball like Frankie, and I think that’s why they love each other so much.”

Two years ago, the couple decided to call it quits and separated. Frankie, who at the time worked as a U.S. Marine, stayed in California. Rebecca and Apollo headed home to Texas.

The breakup was not only tough on Rebecca and Frankie, but also on Apollo.

“He [Apollo] had to get use to not seeing him [Frankie] everyday,” Rebecca said. “Living in different places, it wasn’t easy for them to see each other.”