Just in time for Christmas: Polina adopted after 445 days at KC Pet Project shelter

Finally, after a shelter record of 445 days, Polina, the lumbering 7-year-old Mastiff mix, has a home to go to — just in time for Christmas.

The KC Pet Project shelter, in the end, had several suitors calling on the dog that had been featured in The Star a few days ago.

Polina was that dear-but-hard-to-appreciate kind of dog that gets left behind when prospective pet owners look to adopt a rescued animal. The biggest obstacle: She is scared of other dogs and children.

“She has gone through so much,” Tori Fugate, spokeswoman for the KC Pet Project, said Sunday.

Polina will be spending Christmas in a Kansas City home, able to roam across three acres, with a large, warm bed to lie in. KC Pet Project staff chose Polina’s new family after talking with them and visiting the home to see that the fit was right and that Polina would settle in.