Why Dogs Shed and What to Do About It

By CarolineGolon on May. 18, 2017

Infographics By: www.ghergich.com

As pet parents know, a home with a dog is a home full of fur. It’s on every carpet or rug, in every corner, all over your clothes and maybe even in your morning coffee. While a house full of fur is a fair exchange for the loyalty and unconditional love provided by our favorite canine companions, dog shedding can become overwhelming if left unchecked. Here’s all you need to know about shedding, how to keep that fur tamed, and how to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Why Do Dogs Shed?
Dogs shed for an important reason: to get rid of old, dead fur to make room for new growth, according to Vetstreet.com. This happens year-round, but some breeds shed heavily twice a year in what’s called “blowing their coat.” This typically occurs in the spring, when many dogs shed their winter coat to make way for a lighter summer coat, and again in the fall when dogs get rid of that lighter coat in favor of warmer, denser fur. And dogs that are mostly indoor dogs tend to shed more evenly throughout the year as their coat density tends to be more uniform.

Before you blame the furry tumbleweeds in your house solely on your dog, know this: Humans shed between 50 and 100 hairs every day. And we shed hair for the same reason—to get rid of old hair and make way for the new.

Not All Breeds Shed the Same
There are some dog breeds that shed more than others. Shedding is most apparent in double-coated breeds. They have a long protective overcoat as well as an insulating undercoat.